• Overland Advantage

    A New Approach
    To Direct Lending

Centerbridge launched Overland Advantage, a BDC, benefiting from a strategic sourcing relationship with Wells Fargo & employing an innovative & differentiated investment strategy focused on direct lending to non-sponsor and select sponsor North American middle-market companies.

Overland will benefit from a strategic relationship with Wells Fargo, which includes differentiated origination sourcing – providing a unique, relationship-driven solution to meet the capital needs of Wells Fargo clients and other privately owned middle market businesses that have limited connectivity to private credit.

Overland will primarily focus on making senior secured loans to non-sponsor owned middle market companies in North America, expanding financing capacity and access to this segment. Overland will also pursue other transactions, including traditional sponsor-backed direct lending opportunities.

“Overland represents a new paradigm in direct lending, bringing a relationship approach to direct lending and offering a much-needed capital solution in the large but underpenetrated non-sponsor U.S. middle market.

We believe Overland draws on the unique and complementary capabilities of both Centerbridge’s leading private credit underwriting capabilities and Wells Fargo’s nationwide sourcing and origination network to offer an attractive new proposition for borrowers in the private lending and direct credit space at a particularly compelling time.”

Jeff Aronson,
Co-Founder, Managing Principal, Centerbridge Partners, L.P.

About Overland Advantage

Overland Advantage is a business development company that employs an innovative investment strategy focused on direct lending to non-sponsor and select sponsor North American middle-market companies. Overland expects to benefit from a strategic relationship between Centerbridge Partners and Wells Fargo, enabling it to harness Centerbridge’s leading private and alternative credit investment capabilities and Wells Fargo’s differentiated nationwide sourcing network to create a unique, relationship-driven solution for borrowers. Overland Advantage is managed by Overland Advisors, LLC, a registered investment adviser, which is controlled by Centerbridge and in which Wells Fargo is a minority investor.

About Centerbridge

Centerbridge Partners, L.P. is a private investment management firm employing a flexible approach across investment disciplines — Private Equity, Private Credit and Real Estate — in an effort to develop the most attractive opportunities for its investors. The firm was founded in 2005 and as of December 31, 2023 has approximately $38 billion in capital under management with offices in New York and London. Centerbridge is dedicated to partnering with world-class management teams across targeted industry sectors and geographies.

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